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Child Support Lawyers Serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro

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Experienced Child Support Attorneys Serving the Twin Cities Metro

One important issue that must be determined in divorces with children is child support. Whether you expect to pay child support or intend to receive it, you can benefit from a lawyer with an understanding of the child support laws. The law firm of Jensen, Mullen, McSweeney & Meyer, PLLP, has helped numerous parents throughout the Twin Cities achieve equitable solutions to child support matters.

Today, Minnesota law considers the income of both parents when determining the amount of child support. Please refer to the link to Minnesota Child Support Guidelines Calculator. This can be a useful guide when calculating child support amounts to be paid and received.

At Jensen, Mullen, McSweeney & Meyer, we take our role as legal counselors very seriously. In every child support matter, we will inform you of the information you need that can lead to sound decisions. We make sure you know about how the Minnesota child support guidelines will relate to your situation. If you need to modify child support due to a substantial change in your circumstances, we can help you in this area as well.

We aim for common sense solutions to legal problems between individuals and couples with children — collaborative approaches that can lead to amicable settlements. In other cases, such as when one parent is self-employed or owns a business, child support accounting can become complicated. We provide specialized representation for complex matters like these, and we customize our representation to suit your specific situation.

If it is necessary to compel an uncooperative party to fulfill his or her obligations as set forth in your divorce agreement, we can bring a contempt order against the co-parent or former spouse. We can represent either parent at enforcement proceedings.

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