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Guiding You Through The Divorce Process With Compassion And Insight

The way in which your divorce is resolved will have a substantial impact on your life as you move forward. In order to place yourself in the best possible position, it is important to work with an experienced family law lawyer. People across the Twin Cities and surrounding areas of Minnesota have found that they can rely on the family law firm of Jensen Law Offices to fully meet their needs.

Our skilled divorce attorneys offer more than 35 years of combined experience in family law matters. In every divorce, we will be focused on achieving your goals and meeting your needs.

Working To Solve Complex Family Issues

Whenever possible, our law firm favors a collaborative approach to bridge the gap between you and your spouse and help you emerge with an amicable resolution that minimizes negative effects on you and your children. Of course, when a settlement out of court is not possible, we are fully prepared to defend your interests through litigation.

Our lawyers understand what is at stake in every divorce. From child custody and parenting time arrangements to child support and spousal maintenance and the equitable division of your marital property, your divorce will impact your relationship with your children and your finances. Whether the issues in your divorce appear to be complex or straightforward, you can be confident that we will take the right approach to meet your needs.

As your life, your children’s lives and your ex-spouse’s life change, it is usually necessary to change certain aspects of your divorce agreement. Our law firm provides the same level of conscientious, skilled representation in post-divorce modification matters as well.

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