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Helping Clients Overcome Challenging Paternity Issues

Establishing paternity is vital for unmarried parents. Until paternity is formally established, a father has limited legal rights. If you are an unmarried father and want to formalize your relationship with your child, you need to recognize paternity. Additionally, if you are a mother and want to begin receiving child support or want a consistent parenting time schedule, it will be necessary to establish paternity. In either case, a family law lawyer can help you understand your rights under the law.

Establishing Paternity And Protecting Your Rights

Paternity can be established either through an agreement (known as recognition of parentage) between the parents or by a DNA test in a court action. Once paternity is established, fathers will be able to petition the court for child custody and visitation rights. Our law firm can help you petition for these rights.

You will also be responsible for paying child support and other expenses. Under Minnesota law, a father may be held responsible for up to two years of retroactive child support. In certain situations, this fact can become very important. Whatever the specifics of your situation, you can depend on our lawyers to provide candid counsel and strong legal representation.

The Edina law firm of Jensen Law Offices, represents mothers, fathers and alleged fathers in paternity actions. Our lawyers have more than 35 years of combined legal experience, and they will protect your rights in any paternity matter.

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