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Having a good divorce after a bad marriage

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Divorce, Family Law

Going through a divorce in Minnesota is better than staying in a bad marriage. Even if you and your spouse have had your differences, it is possible to have a good divorce. Here is how to make it as smooth as possible.

Agree to work together

The first step toward having a good divorce is to agree to work together to get through it. Even if there are still hard feelings between you and your spouse, if you put them aside and work together, your divorce can be much easier and even take less time. Don’t think of your split as a battle. Focus on what needs to be done to get through things.

Communicate clearly

Communication is the key when you aim to have as painless a divorce as possible. While there probably is some actual pain there, it helps to have good, open communication with your spouse about what needs to be done. Discuss the matters that are most important to you and what you expect from the divorce.

Consider divorce mediation

Avoiding a lengthy traditional court divorce is the best option for your family. As you and your spouse agree to work together as a team to end your marriage, you should consider alternatives like divorce mediation. It can empower both of you and allow you to negotiate all the terms of the divorce while avoiding fights and ugliness that could be damaging. Your divorce can be final much sooner and you’ll both save money.

Consider your children

If you have children, they are a big incentive in ending a bad marriage and having a good divorce. Although many couples worry about the impact the divorce has on their kids, as long as you and your spouse are respectful and make sure to work together to get through things, the kids will be fine. Children are resilient and can do better if there’s less tension in their daily lives.

Having a smooth divorce is possible. You and your spouse need to be open to working together to make it happen.