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The potential pitfalls of nesting

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Divorce

Nesting is a custody arrangement that has been gaining popularity in Minnesota and around the country. It allows children whose parents have divorced to stay in the family home while the parents rotate in and out on a schedule. While nesting can work well for some families, there are potential downfalls that parents should be aware of before committing to this arrangement.

Financial strain

Nesting can be an expensive child custody proposition, especially if both parents are maintaining separate residences in addition to the family home. This can be a significant financial strain on both parents when added to the costs of a divorce, as the upkeep and maintenance of all three properties can add up. The family home will need to be kept in good condition for the children, which can require a lot of time, effort and money. Both parents must consider whether they are willing and able to take on this responsibility.

Emotional strain

Nesting can be emotionally taxing for parents and children. While the children may appreciate the stability of remaining in the family home, they may also struggle with the emotional upheaval of having their parents come and go. For parents, nesting can be emotionally difficult as they navigate the challenges of maintaining separate living spaces while also sharing a home with their ex-spouse.

Lack of closure

Nesting can make it difficult for both parents and children to move on from the divorce. By continuing to share a home, there may be a lack of closure or a sense that the divorce has not truly been finalized. This can be especially painful to the other parent and the children if one parent has already begun a new relationship.

Legal complications

Nesting can complicate things from a legal perspective, especially if the parents have not carefully considered the logistics of the arrangement. For example, who is responsible for paying the mortgage or rent on the family home? How will bills be divided between the parents? What happens if one parent wants to sell the family home?

Choosing your child custody arrangement carefully

While nesting can be a good option for some families, it’s critical to carefully consider the potential pitfalls before committing to this arrangement. If parents cannot provide the best upbringing for their children while safeguarding their own well-being, other situations may be better.